Good Hair Day?

Are you having a good hair day? Gee, haven’t heard that term before. If your one of those people who get up in the morning and just wish you were having a good hair day? Don’t worry, it has happened to the best of us. GHD have a wide range of great hair straighteners. For thin, medium, thick, curly and straight hair. Yes, you read right. Not only do GHD’s heat appliances straighten, but they curl!  I currently own the GHD Pink Limited Edition *picture below* and it is great. My hair is naturally straight however I use it for anything. It r.r.p for $250 AUD and $30 was donated to the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Foundation, which is a wonderful cause.

So the next time your having a bad hair day, think again.


What’s your look?

Bohemian Chic

Bohemian Chic is an indie/vintage look. It reflects a bit of an Indian Native feel. I definately love this style and I think it can work with most people.  Here are a few looks that you can try out

Once you decide which style you like, don’t be afraid to mix ‘n’ match because it will give you a whole new look each time. Also search in your local op-shop because you might just be lucky and find a cool vintage piece.

Look of the Week

It’s Autumn time! Is the weather to hot to wear jeans and too cold to wear shorts? Then wear the new ‘Chambray Pant’ from Dotti. It is a loose fit around the legs and sinches in at the ankles. Has a cute tie around the waist with two pockets. These pants come at a bargain price at $69.95 AUD.

Antique/Vintage looks are definately still in at the moment. These bowler hats are dome-shaped hard felt hats with a curled small brim. They have a thick black ribbon on top of the brim with a cute bow. Dotti has Bowler Hats for a low price of $29.95 AUD.

Log onto  ** for more details/purchase or visit your local Dotti store.

What a girl wants, what a girl needs.

When building (or as I call it refuelling) your wardrobe you have to keep in mind that you only have so much room, so make the most of it! Which means you have to think very hard about: what you have, what you need and if you can mix ‘n’ match the item.

For example, here are some ideas of basics that you should have:

– Pair of black and denim jeans or ‘jeggings’.
– Denim shorts.
– A belt that goes with everything.
–  Tan or black boots.
– A pair of comfortable, yet stylish, flats.
-A great purse.
-One coloured dress.
-Leather jacket.
With these basics you cannot go wrong. Remember these are just the basics so you can add as many or as less items as you want. You should be paying a lot of attention to these basics because they will most likely be the item that you spend the most on. You want them to last so they should be classics, not trends. So go for a fairly pricey basic because I can assure you they will be worth it.
Organising your closet:
If you follow these steps you will be on the road to having the ‘perfect’ closet.
1. Colour co-ordinate your clothing – it may sound ridiculous, but if your looking for a certain piece, it really does help.
2. Don’t have your shoes tossed around – organise them so that they are either in boxes and labelled, or displayed on a shoe rack.
3. Make do with your space – don’t have items in your wardrobe that you haven’t worn for over 12 months. Donate it to charity or like in my previous post, transform it.

Same old, Same old.

Have you been searching through that cupboard of yours and feel like its just
the same old, same old? And feel like the only answer is to shop till you drop? WRONG!

Think again my friend. If you have a basic top or pants, than you have a new look that is just waiting to be transformed.

You can simply go down to your local fabric store and purchase required length of lace to add to your shorts. It can be a fun and enjoyable project for the weekends or with friends. You can DIY or head down to your regular seamstress.

Do you have those jeans in your cupboard that you just don’t wear, but you love the colour? Follow these 5 steps and in no time you will have a cute pair of frayed shorts.

1. Try on your pants.
2. Pin where you want to cut.
3. Measure to make sure that they are the same length on both sides of the leg.
4.  Cut along the line.
5. Use a clean cheesegrater (thats right you heard me) and simply rub back and forwards along the edge of the pants!
Want to turn a t-shirt or singlet into a funky new tassle top! Cut slits at your choice of length around the bottom, add groovy beads on each tassle and finish off with a not to hold.